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Important Updates

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There are important updates for the Human Activities portal.

First of all, we have now implemented the ‘Search data’ page, i.e. a data catalogue through which it’ll be possible to search and download available data and metadata. The implementation of the data catalogue is an important step for our project. Besides viewing data on our interactive map, users are now allowed to download it and process it for any commercial and non-commercial purposes. With the data catalogue, Human Activities can now be considered a fully-fledged geoportal.

In addition we’ve also made available two more datasets:

  • Mariculture points, with data available for France, Irelandy, Italy, the Netherlands , Spain and the UK (England only). Data are provided courtesy of the EUROSHELL project.
  • Vessel traffic data has been added to “Main ports”: information is available by vessel type and size.

    Finally, our 4th Progress Report is now available.

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