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Two New Datasets

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EMODnet Human Activities has grown to include two entirely new datasets: ‘fish catches’ and ‘telecom cables’.


‘Fish catches’ is based on EUROSTAT’s data from the 1950s up to present day. Data is geo-referenced by FAO statistical area for fishery purposes. Quantities of each fish species caught in EU waters are available in TLW (tonnes live weight), by country of fishing and area of catch. In addition, fish species have been grouped by EUMOFA’s aggregation: Commodity Groups and Main Commercial Species. This will make it easier for users to browse the data, and will also ensure comparability with fish landings data that will be uploaded later this year.


‘Telecom cables’ includes three different layers. One with landing stations, one with stylised paths (courtesy of Telegeography, and one with actual cable route locations. The one with actual cable route locations is a work in progress and will be enriched as new data becomes available.

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