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New: Offshore Installations and Bathing Waters

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In addition to the recent release of ‘Finfish’ and ‘Hydrocarbon Extraction – Active Licenses’ data, EMODnet Human Activities has grown to include two more new datasets: ‘Offshore Installations’ and ‘Status of Bathing Waters’.


The status of bathing waters is based on the dataset “Bathing Water Directive – Status of bathing water” provided by The European Topic Centre on Water and made available by the European Environment Agency. The data set presents the latest information as reported by the Member States (EU28) for the 2014 bathing season, as well as some historical data since 1990, and is available for viewing and download here on the EMODnet – Human Activities web portal.


The offshore installations dataset is modelled on OSPAR’s dataset. OSPAR monitors the development of offshore installations and maintains an updated inventory of all oil and gas offshore installations in the OSPAR maritime area, the OSPAR Oil and Gas Offshore inventory. In addition data on Italian offshore installations have been collected from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and added to the dataset.


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