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COGEA was founded in 1979, born out of the experience of its Partners acquired in Auditing, Certification and Management Consulting multinational companies. Since then the activities performed by COGEA have gradually focused on areas relating to the programming and management of initiatives co-financed by the EU, and COGEA is now a leading company in Italy in the spheres of technical assistance, programming, evaluation, management and monitoring of programmes and actions co-financed with EU Structural Funds.

Since 2010 COGEA has also become a European leader in the conceiving and development of several studies and evaluation carried out mainly for DG AGRI (of which is an official evaluator) and DG MARE. Specialised in collating and harmonising data from different sources, some notable projects of the past few years include the design and implementation of the European Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture products (EUMOFA), the Study on Blue Growth, Maritime Policy and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea, the Study to Support the Development of Sea-basin Cooperation in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and Ionian, and the Black Sea, the Study on differentiated infrastructure charging in EU ports, and the Study to establish a framework for collecting and processing maritime economic data.

COGEA has proven experience in the handling of relations with collective interest organisations, having collaborated for years, as part of Community programming, with leading business and trade organisations, at both an EU, national and regional level.


AND International

AND International Logo

AND International is an independent consulting company, created in 1976, working exclusively in the food sector (agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, processing industry, distribution, services). Its experts provide private and public decision-makers with market intelligence and strategic advice for 35 years.

AND International has a wide expertise of the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector and specializes on three main activity fields: socio-economic and market analysis, environmental studies and evaluation of public policies.

AND International has been involved in many evaluations and surveys concerning CFP Instruments: fisheries structural funds since 1994 (FIFG 1994-1999, FIFG 2000-2006, EFF 2007-2013, EMFF), Common Organisation of the Markets, specific EU interventions in the Outermost Regions... in behalf of DG Mare or national authorities. Its experts are currently participating to strategic surveys aiming at the implementation of the Integrated Maritime Policy (Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Sea).

AND International is also involved in data collection and observatories in the fisheries and aquaculture sector (EUMOFA project, Data collection in the processing industry).


AZTI Tecnalia

AZTI Tecnalia Logo

AZTI is a private non-profit research foundation, created in 1981. The Marine Research Division has 130 staff members. Topics covered include marine monitoring and quality assessment, marine management, implementation of EU policy, marine spatial planning, socio-economics, ocean renewable energies, energy efficiency in maritime transport, fishing technology, fish stock assessment, aquaculture, physical and biological oceanography, marine dynamics and modelling, marine environmental systems, and climate change.

AZTI has participated in numerous public (international, national and local) tenders regarding the above-mentioned topics. AZTI has also been coordinator of 10 EU research projects and active participant in over 59 EU-funded projects of different topics, tasks and objectives. AZTI is playing a central role in the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy, the Water Framework Directive, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and the Integrated Maritime Policy.

As an interdisciplinary organization, AZTI holds a very good database on marine environment and socio-economics of the maritime sectors, especially those interacting in the Bay of Biscay. This information has been widely used across different projects aimed at providing assessment and responses regarding EU policies, alternatives and opportunities in the maritime sector, climate change, environmental status of marine waters, etc. To obtain this information, AZTI has carried out intensive fieldwork campaigns as well as developed relationships with the different and diverse maritime stakeholders.



Cetmar Logo

CETMAR is a non profit foundation created in 2001.

CETMAR aims for sustainable and competitive maritime and fishing sectors, using inter-agency coordination and interdisciplinary integration of marine research at European and international levels.

CETMAR facilitates the participation of companies in development and innovation activities, strengthen links between institutions involved in research and technological development and generating knowledge for policy makers and the marine and maritime industry in marine environment and resources, marine technologies, technology promotion and transfer, fisheries socioeconomics, seafood technology, training and international cooperation.

Currently employs 54 professionals with an extensive experience in project management and coordination of R&D, being involved in the main reference programmes and contracts in its fields (Framework Programmes, Contract services with DG-MARE and DG-Environment, etc.) and implementing international cooperation in more than 35 countries.


Eurofish International Organisation

Eurofish International Organisation Logo

EUROFISH is an international organisation and a leading source of marketing and trade support for fish producers and exporters in Central and Eastern Europe, and more broadly in the European region, focusing on post-harvest fisheries and aquaculture industries.

EUROFISH contributes to the development of the fisheries sector through the publication of marketing and industry related information in the EUROFISH Magazine, the EUROFISH website and EUROFISH Magazine website, and other specialised publications.

Through the organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars, and by executing a variety of projects in the fields of trade, marketing, processing and aquaculture, EUROFISH assists governments and the industry to develop trade and cooperation in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner and to explore new opportunities in neighbouring Central and Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Balkan nations, as well as countries of the Caucasus.

EUROFISH is a frequent consortia partner and has extensive experience in international and regional projects and studies in the region. These include: the European Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture products (EUMOFA); study on Blue Growth, Maritime Policy and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea; Study to Support the Development of Sea-basin Cooperation in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and Ionian, and the Black Sea; EcoFishMan - implementation of a new integrated fisheries management system based on increased stakeholder involvement; AQUAFIMA - Integrating aquaculture and fisheries management towards a sustainable regional development in the Baltic Sea Region.

EUROFISH is a member of the worldwide FISH INFO Network which comprises six intergovernmental organisations coordinated by FAO-GLOBEFISH. These include INFOPESCA in Latin America, INFOFISH in Asia and the Pacific, INFOPECHE in West Africa, INFOYU in China, and INFOSAMAK in Arab countries, in addition to EUROFISH in Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to the FAO's Fisheries and Aquaculture Department and GLOBEFISH, EUROFISH has agreements and/or is partner of European, regional and national institutions, associations, research institutes and individual enterprises. Examples include the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM), European Aquaculture Technology Platform (EATiP), Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Council.


Lovell Johns

Lovell Johns Logo

Lovell Johns Limited is a provider of Cartographic and Geographic Information Services (GIS).

Activities are divided into four closely related areas;

  • provision of end-to-end GIS services (data sourcing, data capture, spatial database design, consultancy, software implementation)
  • application development of tools for map production and map data manipulation
  • development and design of web mapping solutions
  • cartographic design of printed and digital mapping

In terms of GIS solutions and web mapping services, Lovell Johns are an Esri Business Partner but are an independent GIS solutions provider and increasingly use Open Source technologies.

Lovell Johns have provided both cartographic and GIS solutions to many European Commission DGs for over 20 years, including working as part of consortium arrangements. The business employs 20 staff and was established in 1965. The business is jointly owned by David Stephens and Liz Murray who purchased the company from Times Media Group in 2014.